What to do?

I just recently came into possession of an old children’s book in poor condition. I was faced with the dilemma of just what to do with said book. The copyright was from 1939 and the writing and illustrations definitely portrayed the style and feel of the era. The tattered and brittle pages seemed to be begging to be put to rest, but the quality of the illustrations and timeless story were things I didn’t want to just toss out. It then occurred to me the best solution might just be to share these tattered pages with as many people as I could. That said, allow me to share, through my blog, the pages published by The Saalfield Pub. Co, Akron, Ohio, “The Story of Jesus.” I will be sharing the stories from this book periodically until we’ve reached the end of the book. Quite appropriate with Easter soon to arrive don’t you think? I hope you enjoy this wonderful story told with simple words and vibrant illustrations!

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