Project Soul

Project Soul, my fourth novel, is now available on Amazon! (See links below for ordering.) Currently it is available as an ebook and also as a paperback. Hardcover books are in the works for the first time, we’ll just have to see how that works out.

Project Soul Front Cover

Project Soul tells the story of Ted Crosby, a young research scientist, who is bored and feeling empty inside from the path he has chosen in life. One day, Ted is ordered by his unethical boss to spy on the legendary Dr. Carter McCoy and try to steal his research secrets. After a rather strange introduction, the two form an unlikely friendship and soon Ted struggles to figure out how to reconcile his scientific beliefs with the faith of Dr. McCoy. Join them as they experience the adventure that is Project Soul! For fans of Big Jim Dunning, star character of The Jesus Rock and The Trials of Jim Dunning, you’ll be happy to know he makes a guest appearance in this story!

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