The Jesus Rock


This is my first novel. First came the title without a story. Then the inspiration for the character of Big Jim Dunning came and the beginning of the story took shape. A few months later I got more serious about working on it and everything just fell in place, miraculously in order. I hope you decide to check it out and enjoy the story!

Preview of the story….

Big Jim Dunning was not the kind of person you could take one look at and then forget. His was an imposing persona. From the long, straggly hair, to the exposed, tattooed, and bulging biceps, right down to those beat up leather biker boots, you could tell every inch of this man had a story to tell. Meet Jim Dunning, a man who thought he knew what life was about. A man whose whole world was about to be turned upside down. Ride with Big Jim as his life takes an incredible turn and is steered in a different direction by THE JESUS ROCK.

You can buy it from the following locations, or contact directly!

From Barnes & Noble:

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From Books-A-Million!

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Paperback from Amazon, click here!

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