The Battle

The Battle: The new novel from Christian Author, D.L. Ford.

A flash of red eyes interrupted the darkness. The leathery wings of a grotesque creature fluttered as it offered its’ report to another sinister creature, one who was larger and obviously more powerful.

“It’s him. He’s coming,” the smaller creature gleefully announced.

The larger creature replied with a guttural snarl. “Excellent. Alert the others and tell them to prepare to secure our victory.”

Big Jim Dunning returns home from a road trip only to find his world has been turned upside down by the sudden hospitalization of his father, the heart and soul of his family, Pop Dunning. Locked in a battle far more intense and mysterious than anything he’s ever had to fight before, Big Jim must learn to combat the mysterious disease and the spiritual forces at work around him. Only with the help of new friends Will Deveaux and Pastor Mark does he have a chance to win …The Battle at Brooksville Hospital.

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