The Trials of Jim Dunning

The Jesus Rock developed a following and the loyal fans of Big Jim Dunning wanted more. That along with my feeling more of the story of Big Jim Dunning needed to be told was the driving force behind the creation of my 2nd story, “The Trials of Jim Dunning.”


Big Jim Dunning, one of the meanest bikers there ever was, turned his life around and became a new Christian. Life was good. Or was it? For the first time in his life, Big Jim Dunning was facing trials and had to learn to deal with them according to his Christian beliefs instead of the brute force of his former life. Then there was the night he wanted to help Pastor Max Carson out with the youth group and put a sign in front of the church reading, “WIN FREE SEX.” The sign worked for Big Jim’s intentions, but it only brought more trials. The trials continue as a face from his past arrives in town to really make a mess of things.

You met Big Jim Dunning in the critically acclaimed novel, “The Jesus Rock” and learned how he re-connected with his family. Now you can read what happens next in his spiritual walk as a reformed, born again biker who is trying to leave his violent past behind and walk (or ride) the straight and narrow road.

Ride along with Big Jim on his journey.

You might want to wear a helmet.

“Trials” Trivia! One of the characters in the story is named in honor of the first person to purchase “The Jesus Rock!”

You can buy it from the following locations, or contact directly!

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