The Mysterious Tunnel

It’s here! The one you’ve all been asking about is finally live! “The Mysterious Tunnel” is now available and has been well received by early readers!

Here are just a few of the many comments from those who have read the story.

“Another wonderful, exciting, imaginative book!”

“I couldn’t put it down till I was finished!”

“Very exciting! Very Scary!”

If you enjoyed Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, Frank Peretti’s This Present Darkness, Tim LaHaye’s Left Behind series, or even the Doctor Who television series then I think you’ll enjoy The Mysterious Tunnel!”

This should be made into a movie!”

If you’ve read “The Jesus Rock” or “The Trials of Jim Dunning,” you’ve already met Joshua Carson. Here are a few details of the story:

When Joshua Carson is summoned by a friend to pray for a dying girl, he encounters the girl’s wild sister, Sheila Friede. What starts out as a normal hike with the intent of Joshua reaching out to comfort Sheila turns into a strange and terrifying adventure that will change their lives forever.  Joshua Carson, stepson of a pastor. Sheila Friede, well known wild child. Two totally different people on totally different courses in life until they are thrown together in an incredible adventure that will test the limits of the faith of one and plant the seeds of faith in the other. Two different people who are held together inexplicably by “The Mysterious Tunnel” and the mysterious mist that guides them. Will you dare to walk with them?


Special Note: The tunnel that inspired this story is real! Read this book and see if you still have the courage to walk through it in the dark afterwards!

Contact to order direct from the website or from Amazon in paperback and Kindle at:





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