Everyone has their own particular gift in life, and writing is mine. Even though I started writing at an early age, this gift was something I didn’t really take seriously, even when I was approached in college about the possibility of a Journalism scholarship (who’d ever want to write for a living, you know?). Many years later, a second go ’round in college found me taking a requisite creative writing course. It was when, during peer reviews, several of my classmates confided in me that my short story had brought them to tears that I realized I should be doing something with the gift I had been given.

I started out by working on that short story with the idea of expanding it into a novel. I had no intentions of writing Christian fiction when the inspiration for “The Jesus Rock” came and was soon followed by “The Trials of Jim Dunning.” Oddly enough, the inspiration for my 3rd novel came to me before the second was completed. It felt kind of strange knowing how the 3rd novel would end before I knew how the second one would, but divine inspiration is a strange and wonderful thing. Maybe someday I’ll get back to that short story again. You can rest assured that it will be different now.

Bouncing around on the straight and narrow,
D.L. Ford


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