Did You Ever Wonder?

Remember watching “It’s a Wonderful Life” and thinking about how you may have influenced others yourself? George Bailey got the opportunity to see the impact he had while he was still around. We won’t know our impact until we’ve graduated to the next life. Every day is a gift. Every day is a chance to pass a smile on to a stranger. Every day is a chance to pass on our hope of eternity that we’ve been gifted by entering into a relationship with the Creator of the universe. I’m hoping that my books make a positive impact on someone out there. Please take the opportunity to preview one on Amazon if you will. Perhaps giving one of these books to someone you know will make an impact on their life. Even if you don’t buy a book to give to someone, take every opportunity you can to pass on a smile. Won’t cost you a thing, but it may be priceless for someone else!


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